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SPY's Newsletter 6/4/23

SPY’s Community Newsletter


News From The Sunfield Library

The Sunfield District Library is adding another service to their patrons! Thanks to a generous donation by Jackie Carr, in memory of her mother Dorothy Smith. The library will be starting a home delivery program. Those who are elderly, or unable to travel, can have items brought to them. The money donated was used to purchase an adult tricycle, and a custom-made book box was created and attached to the bike. The entire project was funded by the donation.

Dorothy was a longtime supporter of the library. Many might remember the pies that she made, every year, for the Friends Holiday Raffle. She was an avid reader with a great sense of humor. She always had a way of making library staff laugh. When Jackie approached the library about a way to honor her mother, the idea of the book mobile was hatched. Thus, “Dorothy’s Book Delivery” became a reality. Since Dorothy actually grew up in Kansas, tying it into the story “Wizard of Oz” made total sense. A flying house, complete with Toto in a basket, will be servicing the community.

The library is planning to start the weekly deliveries the middle of June. If anyone living within Sunfield village has need of the service, they are encouraged to contact the library. All pick-ups and deliveries will take place Thursdays, during regular library hours from 1pm to 7pm.

The added service is such a great way to support our patrons and community. The staff is extremely grateful for the opportunity to help in this manner. It would not be possible without Jackie’s generosity. With the custom bike, the library will truly be able to make “house calls”. The youthful and mischievous side of Dorothy is surely laughing and smiling “somewhere over the rainbow”.


· Robert & Diana Overholt donated in memory of Kate Mapes.

· John & Sandra Fisher made donations in memory of “Honest Roy” Harris and Trisha Abbott.

· Rosie Best of Best Tax Service made contributions in memory of the following:

Ron Ackerson

Dale & Leona Hansen

Jeannette Boyer

Rob Gaston

Kate Mapes

Kaye Roper

Paula Carter

Notice #1

The new Dollar General store in Sunfield is now open. Stop in and check it out!

Notice #2

Centennial Acres Golf & Banquet Center is now offering Daily Food Specials from 4 PM to 9 PM each week Monday thru Friday. In addition to their regular menu items, they now are offering at least four “specials” that will change each week. They also welcome to-go orders---517-566-8055.

2023 Junior Golf Clinics At Centennial Acres

These clinics are great for the beginning Junior Golfer of all ages.

Two hours per clinic gives ample time to introduce golf to your Junior. We teach to the potential of the Junior. Look at these clinics as scheduled practice with instruction. Hope to see your junior at EVERY clinic if possible.

Here are the scheduled clinics for this year:

Clinic #1: Wednesday, June 14th. from 10 AM until Noon.

Clinic #2: Wednesday, July 19th. from 6 PM until 8 PM

Clinic #3: Wednesday, August 2nd. from 10 AM until Noon.

Clinic #4: Wednesday, August 16th. from 3 PM until 5 PM.

(This will be a play on course event)

Clinic #5: Wednesday, August 30th. from 2 PM until 4 PM.

· The Cost is $20.00 per clinic, which includes driving range, Instruction & fun.

· To sign up for the clinics please callthe Pro Shop at 517-566-8055. Payment will be accepted the day of your clinic..

Parting Comments

• Deep Thought of the Week:

Your mind is a garden.

Your thoughts are the seeds.

You can grow flowers.

Or, you can grow weeds

· Notable Quote: “You cannot live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”---Coach John Wooden

· That’s Puny Department: Why was Cinderella lousy at sports? Cinderella was lousy at sports because she had a pumpkin for a coach and she was always running away from the ball.

· Did You Know Section: In the four major US professional sports, (Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Hockey) there are only seven teams whose nicknames do not end with an "S." Basketball: The Miami Heat, The Utah Jazz, The Orlando Magic. Baseball: The Boston Red Sox, The Chicago White Sox. Hockey: The Colorado Avalanche, The Tampa Bay Lightning. Football: None.


1. If there is any organization or business out there that has something they would like to advertise or promote, please feel free to submit it to this Newsletter and we will help publicize it. There is no charge. We are glad to provide this means as a public service

to help keep the community informed.

2. If you are looking for further information about the SPY’s events---Corporate or Platinum Sponsorship information---

scholarship forms---youth sports reimbursement forms---past SPY newsletters---etc.---just go to the SPY website at

3. NOTE: If you know of anyone who would like to receive these SPY’s Community Newsletters, just send me an email at with their email address and we will add them to the distribution list.

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