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SPY Celebration Calendar

For over 25 years, the SPY Celebration Calendar has been an important part of our community.  Sales drive begins on May 1st.

Project Chairperson: Rosie Best

Contact Information: 517.331.0836 or

Our active corporate sponsors get an ad placed on the calendar, and our members will receive one annually as a perk of their membership!

Calendars are available every August at the Farmer's Picnic.

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Comm Calendar.jpg

Rosie Best has been chairperson for over 15 years! She does an amazing job at keeping track of all of our community and SPY members special dates (birthdays, anniversaries, and memorials. 

Pick up your 2020-2021 calendar at the 2020 Farmer's Picnic

August 14th & 15th

Vanburen Park, Sunfield

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