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SPY's Newsletter 2/23/23

SPY’s Community Newsletter #244


World Record Set !

The following was reported out yesterday on the WILX television evening news cast. (Locally, WILX is NBC affiliate, Channel 10).

Grand Ledge, Michigan - Arthur Meade, a car salesman at Sundance Chevrolet in Grand Ledge, has broken the world record by selling 13,002 cars, beating the previous record set in 1978.

Meade, 84, attributes his success to the community’s support throughout his 60-year career.

“It’s been a lot of up and down hills---a lot of valleys--but God was with me and so was my late wife Della,” Meade said. “She backed me up a lot, and all of the employees here. With great people behind me, when things are down, they keep me up.”

Art lives in Woodland, Michigan.

It all started when Art, after leaving the Marine Corps, saw an ad in the paper. Wanted---Car Salesman at Rowden Ford in downtown Grand Rapids.

He checked it out and started working there on June 1st, 1959. Then one day in July of ’59 he took his brand new ’59 convertible to Fisher & Hengesbach for service. The owners came up to Art and asked if he would like to sell for them. Since he only lived three blocks away, his decision was a no-brainer. So, he started there in August of 1959.

Then, in 1965 Bill Remner bought out Fisher & Hengesbach and the dealership became Remner Ford. Art won many awards as a salesperson at Remner. The biggest one was in 1965 when he won the “Top Hatter Award” for being one of the top salesmen in the entire United States.

On August 1st, of 1968, Art became General Manager of Del Adams Ford in Lake Odessa. He worked many long hours and brought many needed efficiencies to the dealership. He worked hard at taking over the Ford dealership, and on August 1st, 1970, Art became the youngest Ford dealer ever that didn’t have it given to him through a family ownership.

Two years later, Ford added the Mercury lineup to his dealership and it became Art Meade Ford Mercury. Once again he won many awards for both his sales and service departments.

But, the worst thing that could happen---happened. In the Spring of 1979, prime interest rates went from 2% to 20%, which really cost many businesses, including Art’s. Ford didn’t want him to close the dealership, but he could not keep losing money at the pace he was. So, in 1981, Art gave up his dealership that he worked so long and hard to build. It was the saddest day of his life.

Art then went to work at Caswell Ford in Ionia for a short time. But he yearned to be in business again on his own. So he bought a place in Hastings. In January 1982, Art Meade Auto Sales made its debut.

In 1996, the business expanded with the addition of a new service center at the same location. Art was in business there until January, 2012. On February 1st, 2012, he began his stint with Sundance Chevrolet in Grand Ledge, where he still is today, 13,002 vehicles later.

Centennial Acres Is Hiring !

Centennial Acres is a very busy 27-hole golf course and banquet center. We are looking to expand our workforce and would love to consider you. This is a great opportunity to join our team and see where it heads from here! We are an at-will seasonal employer that has a heavy work force between April 1st and October 1st. If you are looking for seasonal, part time or full time employment, please apply today. We also have opportunities to grow with us on a full time basis.

Here Are The Positions We Are Looking To Fill:

· We are currently looking for an individual to help irrigation repair & labor staff.

Approx. 20-35 hours per week.

Premium Pay.

Flexible hours.

Set days and work times are an option.

Great starting pay.

Golf with cart privileges.

Will train. Career position possibilities.

· BBQ Cook and Daily Menu Cook

Weekend, weekday and weekday evening schedule options.

Premium pay, with tipping.

Work in a great atmosphere with fun & energetic people.

GREAT customer service skills required.

Golf and Cart privileges as a bonus

· Joining the Centennial Acres Golf Team is perfect for your son or daughter's first job.

· It is also a great opportunity to stay active and interact with happy golfers as a retired person.

· Join our Golf Team / Golf Staff

Looking for Starter's and Cart Staff.

Weekend and / or weekdays.

Premium pay.

Work outdoors.

Golf and Cart privileges.

Great retirement or first job.

We will train.

· Use our Text Hotline to ask questions or schedule an interview-----517-667-1141

If you are interested in joining our team, please email your interest to

We are looking to fill these opportunities quickly. Hope to see you soon having fun, making money and enjoying your summer at Centennial Acres.

Parting Comments

• Deep Thought of the Week: One of the hardest decisions you’ll ever face in life is choosing whether to walk away or try harder.

· Notable Quote: ""Who is wise? He that learns from everyone. Who is powerful? He that governs his passions. Who is rich? He that is content. Who is that? Nobody."---Benjamin Franklin

• That’s Puny Department: Did you hear about the guy who entered the SPY’s Community Newsletter pun contest? He sent in ten different puns, in the hope that at least one of the puns would win. Unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

• Did You Know Section: In 1934, radio executive G.A. Richards bought the Portsmouth, Ohio Spartans NFL team, moved them to Detroit, and renamed them the Lions. Unfortunately for him, nobody in Detroit cared much for watching the Lions. Despite winning all of their games but one before Thanksgiving, having several stars of the day, and one super-star in Earl “Dutch” Clark, the average turn out for each game was only around 12,000 people.

At the time, it was fairly traditional for various football programs in high schools and colleges to hold particularly significant games on Thanksgiving. So, Richards decided to try to bring the same tradition to the NFL, convincing the NFL to allow the Lions and the defending World Champion Chicago Bears to play for the Western Division championship on Thanksgiving.

Richards then used his considerable influence in radio to convince NBC that they should broadcast this game on the radio all across the United States, something that had never been done before for an NFL game.

The game ended up being a huge success, being played at the University of Detroit Stadium in front of a sold-out crowd of 26,000 fans and broadcast across the nation on over 94 different radio stations. In the end, the Bears won 19 – 16, but the game was such a success, as far as ratings and fan turn-out went, that Richards fought to be allowed to continue having the Lions play on Thanksgiving going forward. Thus a tradition was born.


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