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SPY's Newsletter 2/10/23

SPY’s Community Newsletter #243


Thank You!

With the Wild Game Dinner / Sportsmen’s Night extravaganza that Pete Weller and the SPY’s put on, there are literally a multitude of people who made donations or helped in a whole variety of ways to thank for making the night a success. In this Community Newsletter we would like to start with the helper brigade. Our sincere thank-you for your time and effort goes out to the following:

Jim & Angie Frizzell---Door Prize Operations,

Set-Up & Tear Down & More

Eric Brummett---Event Prep

Craig Mulholland---Set-Up & Tear Down

Paul Campbell---Set-Up & Tear Down & More

John & Sandra Fisher---Set-Up & Tear Down & More

Olivia Fisher---Set-Up

Kaleb Klotz---Set-Up & Tear Down & More

Kaccy Klotz---Set-Up & Tear Down

Hayden Klotz---Set-Up & Tear Down & More

Dewey Miller---Set-Up

Shayanne Bebee---Photographer Assistant

Aaron & Nikki Hedger---Gator Cooks

Rich Chandler---Set-Up

Lisa Hewitt---Photographer

Zeke Cappon---Set-Up & Tear Down & Food Runner

Steve Grosshans---High Roller Tickets & Set-Up & Tear Down

Oren Best---Exotic Cuisine Procurer

The Fish Chefs:

Craig Cappon

Darin Weller

Trent Cappon

Darrel Cheeseman

Prize Runners:

Hunter Eldridge

Elizabeth Eldridge

Gracie Grosshans

Emma Weller

Elijah Weller

Chip Sellers:

Renee Strimback

Jeff & Betsy Gibbs

Christina Grosshans

Kaccy Klotz

The Centennial Acres Kitchen & Bar Crew:

John Nagel, General Manager

Meg Yalacki

Cheyenne Hill

Dave Loszewski

Jan Chrzan

Catalina Holman

Hailee Johnson

Again, THANK YOU one and all. And, in case we missed someone, (which is entirely possible with so many people involved), please let us know and we will take corrective action.

Free Hospital Bed

In December, a local resident passed away. As a result, the family has a hospital bed they would like to donate to someone that could use it. If there is anyone out there that would like the hospital bed, please call 517-648-0969, and we will make it happen.


· Oren & Rosie Best and Best Tax Service made donations in memory of the following:

Kyle Skroupa

Sharon Lawcock

Pat Arnold

Charles Bumgardner

Dorothy Smith

· Sharon Davis made a contribution in memory of Lynda Russman.

· Mark Woodman Plumbing & Heating made a donation in memory of Charles Bumgardner.

· Diane Updyke also made a donation in memory of Charles Bumgardmer.

· A BIG Sunfield Area SPY’s salute goes out to Mark Woodman Plumbing & Heating for renewing their participation in our Corporate Sponsor Program. Thank you Mark & Shari Woodman for your continued support for our youth and community programs!

Next SPY Meeting

The next meeting of the Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth (SPY’s) will be held on this coming Tuesday, February 14th. starting at 6:30 PM, at the Best Tax Service building. Guests are always welcome!

Parting Comments

• Deep Thought of the Week: When care is pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but don’t you quit!

· Notable Quote: “Sometimes it is the quiet observer who sees the most."-----Kathryn L. Nelson

• That’s Puny Department: Have you heard the latest? It seems that Apple has come out with a new I-Phone for dogs. It has all the features---even collar ID.

• Did You Know Section: A Person Who Became A Word: Etienne De Silhouette (1709 – 1767). In an attempt to restore the postwar French economy, Controller General Silhouette instituted a wave of new taxes---most of which burdened the rich. After eight months, he was forced to resign amid a deteriorating economy. His name soon became associated with cheap and “empty” commodities, such as pocketless trousers and shadow portraits (silhouettes). Drawing silhouettes became the rage in 1759.


1. If there is any organization or business out there that has something they would like to advertise or promote, please feel free to submit it to this Newsletter and we will help publicize it. There is no charge. We are glad to provide this means as a public service to help keep the community informed.

2. If you are looking for further information about the SPY’s events---Corporate or Platinum Sponsorship information---scholarship forms---youth sports reimbursement forms---past SPY newsletters---etc.---just go to the SPY website at

3. NOTE: If you know of anyone who would like to receive these SPY’s Community Newsletters, just send me an email at with their email address and we will add them to the distribution list.

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