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SPY's Newsletter 1/14/23

SPY’s Community Newsletter #238


The Year In Review

The following is a compilation of what the Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth organization has accomplished in 2022.

We are proud to continue to be; along with our Corporate and Platinum Sponsors and supporters; a viable part of the endeavor to make the Sunfield area a better place to live.

In January:

● We held our annual election of officers

In February:

● We donated $250 to Lakewood’s 2022 Project Graduation

In March:

● We held our annual Euchre Tournament, the “Showdown on Main Street”, chaired by Beth Shettler, which was met with great participation! Grand Overall Winner was Darren Bosworth, Men’s 1st place-Gordy Erb, Women’s 1st place-Heather Coan, Men’s last place-Rich Coppess and Women’s last place-Katie Terpstra.

● We held a 9-Pin No Tap Bowling Tournament chaired by Jeff Gibbs, which had 43 bowlers. High Score Women-Erin Cost, High Score Men-Wayne Simmons. The 300 pot went to Austin Cross

In April:

● Our first Texas Hold Em event of the year was held. Thank you to Jeff Gibbs for chairing this event and for the volunteers. The Texas Hold ‘Em’s are an important fund-raising event for us!

In May:

● The Scholarship Fund continued to grow in 2022, through the generous contributions from many individuals; special projects; and especially through memorial gifts. Thus far, over the years, almost $300,000 has been awarded to 197 local graduating seniors. The Scholarship Fund continues to be administered by the SPY’s Community Foundation. The 2022 winners were Ellie Haddix, Claire Benham and Justin Warner. A total of $12,000 was awarded. Thank you to our chairperson Betsy Gibbs for her leadership of the Scholarship Review Committee.

It is important to note that no other organization has given more money or has been giving longer than the SPY’s (37 years) – this is indeed something to be proud of.

We also presented two military honorariums in the amount of $500 each to Jasper Cadwell and Cora Giffin.

● We participated in the Women Giving Together Eaton County grant program. While we did not win, we did receive $150 in donations from some of the women there that were impressed with what the SPY’s do.

In June:

● Derek Desgranges & Steve Grosshans co-chaired the annual Centennial Acres / SPY Shootout golf tournament that helps raise money for our youth programs. The winner of the Corporate Challenge Cup was the Mark & Mary Hanna Platinum Team (Mark Hanna, Bill, Lee and Stacey Bosworth). There was also a fine group of volunteers that make this event possible. Mark your calendars for June 11th, 2023 for this year’s tournament.

● A $200 donation was made to support the Picklebowl in Lake Odessa.

In July:

● A total of $8,500 provided to underwrite all of the expenses associated with the Sunfield Summer Sports Programs. This was another successful year for the Sunfield Summer Athletic Association with over 125 kids playing ball in Sunfield last summer.

In August:

● We donated a total of $1,000 to sponsor the annual Farmer's Picnic Open Class Craft Competition and other areas as needed.

● Craig Cappon, again acted as the commissioner of the annual “SPY’s Charities Softball Tournament” that was held during Farmer’s Picnic weekend. There were a total of 7 Men’s Teams. The event ended abruptly due to a downpour. First place went to Eddie’s Mafia and second place went to Best Tax Services

● Rosie Best continued her role of running the SPY's annual Celebration Calendar project this year. The Calendar has been part of the community for at least 60 years.

● The 2022 Community Awards were presented during Farmer’s Picnic. We plan to continue this presentation yearly on Friday night of Farmer’s Picnic.

● The Dime Pitch Booth that we run at the Farmer's Picnic each year is a major source of summer activities funding. This event had a new chair for 2022, Zeke Cappon! A special thank you to Oren & Rosie Best for storing glassware and stuffed animals and washing glassware.

Also, a Big Thank You goes out to all the people who helped with set up, tear down and/or working at the Farmer’s Picnic. And, thank you to the numerous people who donated glassware and stuffed animals!

In September:

● We held a fundraiser in conjunction with the Wagon Wheel Grill in Portland.

● Our second Texas Hold Em was held. We were the only charity this time, which is both a blessing and a cure---double the volunteers were needed on a holiday weekend, but we made it work and had a profitable weekend!

● We took on the leadership in renovating the “Sunfield Welcomes You” sign on the East end of town.

In November:

● We again participated in the Lakewood Community Council's Christmas Basket program which helps nearly 200 families in the Lakewood area, including a number locally, with food and gifts. This year we contributed $250, as well as provided a crew in December to handle all of the deliveries in the Sunfield area.

In December:

● We donated $250 to LHS 2023 Project Graduation.

● We sponsored two weight classes for the Lakewood Wrestling Team for a total of $100.

● Throughout the year, the following sport fee reimbursements were paid:

2 flag football

1 basketball

3 cheer

2 football

4 soccer

1 wrestling


· The weather in 2022 did not cooperate very well for two out of the three Adopt-A-Highway road-side trash pick-up events, both were canceled due to rain, but Derek Desgranges and his crews of volunteers got the job done.

· Again this year we had very dedicated people sign up to have their United Way and other payroll deduction program contributions designated to come to the SPY's in 2022. We appreciate everyone that takes the time to make their designations go to work here in our community.

· We also have had great success with the Amazon Smile program this year. If you’re an amazon fan, you can begin your shopping at and select the Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth as your preferred charity and .5% of your order total will be donated to the SPY’s!

· 2022 saw the successful continuation of our "Corporate Sponsor" program. This is a specially designed program that allows us to form a more effective partnership with community and youth concerned businesses and individuals that provide benefits for all. The corporate sponsors are:

A&D Haskin


Best Tax Service

Brace Financial Services

Brodbeck Seed

Haskin Farms

Haskin Snow Plowing

Hazel Brothers Drainage

HSV Redi-Mix

Ashton King Insurance Agency

Mapes Furniture

Mark Woodman Plumbing & Heating

Musgrove Grain

We are so grateful for the continued support of these organizations.

● Our “Platinum Sponsor” program is designed to be like the Corporate Sponsor program, but is set-up for private individuals that wish to contribute at least $500 annually to help our efforts. This year’s Platinum Sponsors were:

Oren & Rosie Best

Mark Davis

John & Sandra Fisher

Mark & Mary Hanna

Roy & Judy Harris

Alex & Sarah Jones

Ron & Marlene McDiarmid

Jim & Diny Peabody

Wayne Simmons

David Taylor

Bill & Patti Weller

Pete & Becky Weller

Kendell & Kerry Wilcox

Mark & Shari Woodman

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to all these fine community minded individuals.


The Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth (S.P.Y.'s) continues to be an active, vital organization. Our primary purpose is community betterment through helping kids, but as you can see, our efforts go far beyond that.

To all of you S.P.Y.'s---to your helpmates---our Corporate Sponsors---our Platinum Sponsors---and to everyone that supported us in 2022, and in years past--- We thank you for your help, support, contributions of any kind, hard work, dedication, and acceptance. The community, and this area in general, are a better place because of all of us working together.


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