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SSAA Schedule

Keep up to date with practices and games using the below calendar.  If you have any questions please contact your child's coach. 

Field Legend:

VBM - VanBuren Main Field (Large field at VanBuren Park)

VBT - VanBuren Tee-Ball Field (Small field at VanBuren Park, corner of 2nd St/Park St)

FN - Foltz North Main Field (Large field on the corner of Rose St and Long St)

FT - Foltz Tee-Ball Field (field closest to Long St/Sunfield Estates)

FS - Foltz Small West Field (Field west of the Foltz Tee-Ball Field)

VanBuren Field Addresses: 454 2nd Street, Sunfield

Foltz Field Addresses: 126 Long Street, Sunfield


For all Foltz Fields - parking is no longer allowed at Sunfield Estates (the old Sunfield Elementary School parking lot).

Please park along the side of the road, or in the gravel driveway leading to the water tower north of all fields.

Field Map.JPG
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