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SPY's Newsletter 9/25/23

SPY’s Community Newsletter


Looking For A Little Help Here

The next Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Tournament we are scheduled to work will take place Monday, September 18th. thru Thursday, September 21st.

We are in need of some more volunteers to sell chips to the players.

Questions? Or, to sign up for a shift call Event Chairman Jeff Gibbs 517-930-6989.


· Pat & Roberta O’Toole made a donation in memory of Lindy Hynes.

Farmer’s Picnic Epilogue #3

Men’s Softball Tournament Results

This was the 52nd Annual SPY’s Charities Softball Tournament with five men’s teams, Downing Well Drilling, Best Tax Service, House, Buddy Heild, and Big Gare & Boyz, competing for the Farmer’s Picnic ballpark glory. Pictured below is the Men’s Tournament champion team, Downing Well Drilling:

Back: Garrett Hyatt, Aaron Reiser, Jordan Porter, Brady McNees, Tyler Baker, Charlie Reiser, Travis Shattuck

Middle: Bryce Besson, Travis Veenstra, Gabe Porter, Devin Eberly

Front: Aden DeGraaf, Tyler Raimer

Most Valuable Player

Pictured is the Men’s Tournament “Most Valuable Player” Aden DeGraaf of the Downing Well Drilling team. Plaque is presented to Aden by tournament director Craig Cappon.

Coed Softball Tournament Results

There were four coed teams competing in this tournament, Make A Play, Ballz Deep, Just 4 Fun and Los Primos. Pictured below is the Coed Tournament champion team, Make A Play:

Starting top left and reading like a book…Monica Koehler/Kailah Jackson/Ciara Wilson-Santos/Terri Hurosky/Courtney Brassington/Logan Vasquez/Tyler Bowerman/Dalton Phillips/Travis Veenstra/Travis Shattuck

Both the Men’s and Coed tournaments used the same format. First, they played “round robin”, then went to single elimination.

Craft Show Report

Seven Best of Show ribbons were presented during the Open Class Craft Exhibit sponsored by the Sunfield SPY’s, to Julie Roth with her Butterfly quilt, Kristen Kennedy for her crocheted afghan “A Little R&R” and Everett Swift for his acrylic painting of an elk near a river coming from the mountains as judged by Sherry Eberly and Sheila Carpenter. Brian Wellwood for his Nature photo in Slot Canyon, Utah and People photo of a child and dog tossing leaves, and Lance Eldridge for his Animal photo of a beautiful Monarch butterfly and his Photo in the “Other” category of the Air Force Thunderbirds as judged by Jody Strang. There were 106 items exhibited by 49 participants. The youngest entrant was 4 years old and the furthest to attend was from Gaylord.

Frog Jumping Contest Report

The Frog Jumping Contest had two categories this year---those that collected and brought their own frog totaled 9, and those that used frogs from the community’ bucket that were collected by Trent Brummette, courtesy of Centennial Acres, totaling 18. Some of the winners included: In the Community frog jump event: Bredan Gaune’s frog took first place jumping 89 inches in three jumps. Second went to Abe Carrasco with his frog jumping 83 inches and Third place went to Parker with his frog jumping 78 inches. The Sunfield Farmer’s Picnic Board President and VP chose the “Best Named” frog of “Little Tim”, in honor of the Grand Marshal Tim Rumfield, belonging to Quinn Brummette. From those that brought their own frogs, Maverick Hough had the “Biggest” frog and took first place for the longest jump of 111 inches in three jumps. Frances Omara’s frog took second place for the longest jump of 109 inches. There was a tie for Third place between Jaxson Overbeck and Dean Kelly with their frogs both jumping 80 inches each. Kaylee brought the “Smallest” frog. There was even some excitement when Maverick’s frog took off on its own adventure and had to be captured several feet away from the jumping ring. The coolest frog department acknowledgement goes to Forrest.

Maverick Hough shows his BIGGEST Frog!

Merchants Raffle Winners

The Sunfield Farmers Picnic 2023 Merchants Raffle third place prize of a $100 Van Neste-Wilson gift certificate was won by Lesia Brummette, second place prize of a Bench donated by Polly Products in Mulliken was won by Kevin Brummette, and Mapes Furniture donated an electric recliner chair with a USB charger port that was won by Pete Weller. There were 73 additional prize packages that were awarded throughout the concert of the Papa Clutch band who sang and entertained the audience under the big tent for nearly two hours.

End Note

There will be a full car show report in the next SPY’s Community Newsletter.

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