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SPY's Newsletter 8/18/21

SPY’s Community Newsletter #153


Attention Farmers !

The America’s Farmers Grow Communities program is back! This is a tremendous program that, thanks to an area farmer’s nomination, the SPY’s have benefited, as well as the Welch Historical Museum. We strongly encourage you to PLEASE check this program out! Here’s all you have to do:

Enroll Now for America’s Farmers Grow Communities from

Bayer Fund. Act Before November 1st. to direct $5,000 to a Rural Nonprofit or School in Your Community

What community nonprofit could you help support with $5,000 and a simple nomination? America’s Farmers Grow Communities sponsored by Bayer Fund is now open for enrollment! Thanks to farmers, we’ve been able to award more than $60 million to thousands of rural nonprofits, ag youth organizations and schools across the country for more than 10 years – and this year we are doubling individual awards to $5,000. Now, more than ever, you have a chance to support the programs and institutions that keep farmers and their communities thriving.

To learn more and see the official America’s Farmers Grow Communities rules go to:

There are two simple ways to enroll:

· Click on the “Enroll Now” tab at the top of the page of the website indicated above. Or,

· Call 877-267-3332 to enroll by phone

No purchase necessary. A purchase will not increase your chance of winning.

Here’s An Idea

At the last SPY meeting our President Steve Grosshans brought up an idea that has some real promise---providing we can get a community wide effort going. Here’s the concept:

Home sales are off the charts. People are moving and we have new folks coming into our area like never before. The concept raised was trying to put something together to give to new people moving into the area an information package they could use or might need. Things like Post Office hours; Recycling Center hours; Library hours; School contact information; who’s / who on the Village Council and the Township Board; Welch Historical Museum information; area Church information; kids programs available; service organizations information; etc. etc. etc. You get the picture---right?

However, to do this right there needs to be a community wide effort to pull it off successfully. What do you think? Send us a return email and let us know.


In the last couple of SPY’s Community Newsletters we put out an appeal for someone willing to step forward and take over being Chairman of our Texas Hold ‘Em events. They are a major fund-raiser for us. Our current Chairman, Wendel Peabody has encountered a number of medical issues that prevents him from continuing in this role.

We are pleased to announce that Jeff Gibbs has stepped up and volunteered to take over. What a guy! Jeff will be working with Wendel in getting ready for the two scheduled events coming up in the Fall. Thank you Jeff!


· John & Sandra Fisher made a contribution to the Scholarship Fund in memory of Jill Meyers.

Parting Comments

• Deep Thought of the Week: Never confuse education with intelligence.

• Notable Quote: “Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart.

• That’s Puny Department: When you teach a wolf to meditate he becomes aware wolf.

• Did You Know Section? Unlike other fruits, cranberries do not show their ripeness with color. Instead, they are sorted by bouncing---good cranberries bounce and bad ones don’t.

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