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SPY's Newsletter 7/20/21

SPY’s Newsletter #146 (7/20/21)

There will be a special anniversary celebrated during this year's Farmer's Picnic. The annual softball tournament will be held for it's 50th year. The tournament started out as the Sunfield Invitational and was held earlier in the summer. Then it's format was changed with proceeds going to support the Muscular Dystrophy telethons. Finally, the tournament was moved to the Farmer's Picnic timeframe when the tradition of having ball games during the festivities was in jeopardy and they were even thinking of putting a flea market on the infield instead of playing ball. But, public outcry changed that in short order and the tournament was moved to fill the gap. It has since evolved and is now know as the SPY's Charities Softball Tournament. The current tournament director, Craig Cappon has a full slate of softball action on tap this year. There will be the usual men's tournament played with a lot of exciting action. However, in addition, there will be a Coed tournament played too, as well as the ever-popular homerun derby contest. Below are the details.

Centennial Acres Golf Course Join Our Team We Are Hiring! Centennial Acres is a very busy 27-hole golf course and banquet center. We are looking to expand our workforce and would love to consider you. This is a great opportunity to join our team and see where it heads from here! We are an at-will seasonal employer that has a heavy work force between April 1st and October 1st. If you are looking for seasonal, part time or full time employment please apply today. Grounds Crew. Greens Mower. Rough Mower. · Approx. minimum 15 hours per week. · Need early morning availability on Saturdays and/or Sundays. · Flexible hours. · Set days and work times are an option. · Great starting pay. · Golf with cart privileges. BBQ Cook and Daily Menu Cook If you like to outdoor grill cook for large groups we have a perfect opportunity for you. Grilling hot diggity dogs, burgers, etc for hungry golfers. Here are the details: · Weekends a must. · Premium pay with tipping. · Work outdoors. · GREAT customer service skills required. · Golf and Cart privileges.If you are interested in joining our team please email your interest to and print and attach the APPLICATION you will find below.

Employee Application
Download PDF • 80KB

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