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SPY's Newsletter 6/13/21

SPY’s Newsletter #137


Centennial Acres / SPY’s Shootout

Golf Tournament Report

It was an absolutely beautiful day weather wise for the 32nd annual Centennial Acres / SPY Shootout Golf Tournament. This year we had a total of 37 teams participating across the Men’s---Women’s---Senior Men’s---and Coed divisions of golfers. What follows are the various scores and prize winners from the tournament.

Men’s Division Championship Flight

1. A & D Haskin Corporate Team (60)

2. Brady McNess Team (63)

3. Tie---Dave Fisher Team (65)

Beck’s Hybrid Team (65)

Jared Krikkee Team (65)

4. Tie---Wayne Simmons Platinum Team (66)

Caleb Terpstra Team (66)

Musgrove Grain Corporate Team (66)

Men’s Division First Flight

1. Mark Woodman Corporate Team (69)

2. Michigan Tax & Financial Corporate Team ((70)---placed via the tie-breaker process.

3. Mapes Furniture Corporate Team (70)

4. Tie---Best Tax Service Corporate Team (71)

Johnny Johnson Team (71)

Campbell & Sons Corporate Team (71)

5. Hazel Brothers Drainage Corporate Team (85)

Other---We had one team self DQ themselves.

In the combined Men’s Division Skins Pot there were three skins carded. The A & D Haskin Team had two. They were on Sunrise Course #2 and #9. Both were birdies. The other skin was posted by the Beck’s Hybrid Team with an eagle on the Sunrise Course #3.

Women’s Division

We only had one team in the Women’s Division this year. It was the Centennial Acres Corporate Team. They shot a 69.

Men’s Senior Division

1. The Mark & Mary Hanna Platinum Team (55)

2. The John & Sandra Fisher Platinum Team (60)

3. Tie---The Campion Team (62)

The HSV Redi-Mix Corporate Team (62)

4. The Elliott Team (63)

5. Tie---The Bill & Patti Weller Platinum Team (69)

The APEC Corporate Team (69)

In the Senior Men’s Division there was only one skin recorded. It was on the Midday #2 hole. The Hanna team had the lone birdie.

Coed Division

1. The Sean Williams Team (63)

2. The Phil Jenkinson Team (64)

3. The Barb Elkins Team (66)

4. The Robert Stiffler Team (67)

5. The Jim & Diny Peabody Platinum Team (69)

6. The Mark Lamphere Team (70)

7. The Mike Davis Construction Corporate Team (71)

8. Tie---The Roy & Judy Harris Platinum Team (72)

The Mike Barnefske Team (72)

9. Tie---The Jesse Harris Team (73)

The Ron & Marlene McDiarmid Platinum Team (73)

10. The Marv Hengesbach Team (79)

There were three skins recorded in the Coed Division. The Sean Williams Team had two. They were both on the Sunrise Course with birdies on #8 & #9. The other skin was posted by the Jim Peabody Team with a birdie on the Sunset Course #4 hole.

Specialty Hole Winners

· Closest To The Pin--#5 Sunrise---Beck’s Hybrid Team

· Longest Putt---#9 Sunrise---Greg Haskin

· Closest To The Pin---#2 Midday---The Elliott Team

· Longest Putt---#9 Midday---Team Johnson

· Closest To The Pin---#2 Sunset---Team Hanna

· Longest Putt---#9 Sunset---Team Hanna

Drawing & Other Prize Winners

· Centennial Acres 1 year membership---Kendall Wilcox

· Best Poker Hand Game---Mike Noeker Team

· Chair donated by Mapes Furniture---Stacey Bosworth

· $50 drawings winners:

Barb Elkins

Bill Bosworth

Karen Braun

Al Haskin

Lee Bosworth

Ben Teachworth

Time Spitzley

Stacey Bosworth

Harry Elkins

Steve Luoma

Greg Haskin

Special Thanks

A BIG Sunfield Area SPY Thank-You goes out to the following fine folks who donated their winnings back to the SPY’s:

Al Haskin

Tim Spitzley

Steve Luoma

John Fisher

Lavon Hamp

We would also like to salute our fine cadre of helpers who pitched in and helped things run smooth. Our thanks to---

Mike & Julie Hopkins

Craig & Shana Cappon

Renee Strimback

Dewey Miller

Craig Mulholland

Wayne Simmons

John Fisher

Denise Newman

Stacie Desgranges

Darin Weller

Sam Coan

Peyton Coan

Alana Cappon

We would also like to thank everyone who turned out and participated in this year’s event. We sincerely appreciate your involvement in and continued support of our fundraiser. As was stated in the clubhouse during the tournament wrap-up, this was the first fund-raiser the Sunfield Area Sponsor of Programs for Youth (the SPY’s) has been able to do in over a year and a half due to the COVID restrictions. It meant a great deal in helping us continue the various youth and community programs we underwrite.

We again owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Centennial Acres Golf Course and John Nagel for partnering on this event with us as our Title Sponsor. They do an outstanding job!

And last, but certainly not least, we would like to congratulate our Shootout co-Directors Steve Groshans and Derek Desgranges for a job very well done! Super job guys!

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