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SPY's Newsletter 5/14/21

SPY’s Newsletter #133


Sunfield Community Foundation

Announces New Program

The Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth (the SPY’s) and the Sunfield Community Foundation launched a new program in 2020. In addition to traditional scholarship and community service awards they have given out over the past thirty-five years, they will now begin honoring Lakewood High School students joining the military upon graduation.

In the inaugural year of this new program, they are pleased and honored to recognize Hannah Slater, of Woodland (pictured right), and Ethan Rodriguez, of Lake Odessa. Hannah is the daughter of Mike & Heidi Slater and has enlisted into the Air Force. Ethan is the son of Nick Rodriguez and Sara Kantner and will be joining the Marines. They will both be reporting for duty in June.

At the recognition ceremony held recently, they each received the Lade Military Service Medal as well a $1,000 honorarium.

Throughout the course of American history, courageous men and women have taken up arms to secure, defend, and maintain those core principles upon which our Nation’s freedoms depend. We thank Hannah and Ethan for their willingness to serve

Looking For A Couple Of Volunteers

Rosie Best (517-331-0836) is the chairperson of the SPY’s Community Celebration Calendar project. These calendars have been a fixture in the community for over 50 years. Rosie could use some help with mailing the reminder cards; proofing pages before they go to print; and checking for any ad changes. This is all pretty easy duty, but makes the overall project go fast and smooth. For more information or to volunteer, please give Rosie a call.

Recent Contribution

The SPY’s are pleased to announce and welcome to the ranks of our Platinum Sponsorship program Jim & Diny Peabody. Thank you Jim & Diny for taking this major step in helping us help kids and the community!


Don’t forget to round up any glassware or new or “gently used” stuffed animals that we can use in the Dime Pitch Booth at the Farmer’s Picnic in August. If you have anything to donate please contact our project chairperson, Wayne Simmons at 616-550-2876.

Parting Comments

• Deep Thought of the Week: There comes a time in your life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.

• Notable Quote: “The more one meditates upon good thoughts,the better will be one’s world and the world at large.”---Confucius

• That’s Puny Department: Today I saw a dwarf climbing down a prison wall. I thought to myself, that’s a little condescending.

• Did You Know Section? Along about 1830 a lively dance originated in Bohemia which speedily took all of Europe and America by storm. It was named Polka---meaning Polish woman---just as Polak means Polish man. So popular did the dance become that tradesmen vied with one another to attach the name to jackets, hats, gauze, and even articles of food.

About 1880, or a year or so later, an American dress fabric was introduced, ornamented with round, evenly spaced dots of uniform size which, following the prevailing custom, the maker called “polka dots”. Actually, however, the textile bears no other connection whatsoever with the dance.

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