• Christina Grosshans

SPY's Newsletter 4/13/2019

The Sunfield Summer Athletic Association (the SSAA) has asked us to send along the following request and information.

The SPY’s provide all of the funding for the youth that play summer ball here in Sunfield. The SSAA handles all of the organizational things involved in coordinating the various games; practices; coaches; etc.

The SSAA is looking for individuals that may be interested in working the concession stand at Van Buren Park for home baseball games in May and June. All games are in the evenings and generally begin around 6 PM and last until approximately 8 PM. For more information or a list of available dates, please email the SSAA at:

Also, a t-shirt fundraiser is being planned for the SSAA. Maroon colored shirts with gold lettering will be available, as well as hats and headbands. This is a great opportunity to support our area youth that are involved in the ball program.

Please email for an order form. We will make arrangements to pick up your order form and deliver your order.

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