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SPY's Newsletter 3/16/20

Sunfield’s Annual Farmer’s Picnic Is Looking for Grand Marshal Nominations

The 2020 Sunfield Farmers Picnic Committee is gearing up for another fantastic Picnic for you.  This year’s picnic will be held August 13th. thru 16th.

The first matter of business this year is to seek nominations for the honor of Grand Marshal, and then make the tough decision of choosing just one.

We are requesting your assistance by asking you to place your nominations with the Board for anyone you feel should be given the title of Grand Marshal.  Grand Marshal nominations must be in writing and clearly identify the nominee and why this individual / couple, or group should be considered. Include the following information:  What is the nominee(s) tie(s) to the Sunfield Community---Their impact on the community---Their outstanding qualities---How long have they been in the area---How have they given to the community (volunteerism).   The Board will make this decision on May 6th, so please get your nominations in by Thursday, April 30, 2020.

Looking forward to discovering who you would like to honor, so get your nominations mailed to:

Sunfield Farmers Picnic

P.O. Box 12

Sunfield, Michigan 48890

Or, find us on Facebook at Sunfield Farmers Picnic Inc.

Please note that previous year’s nominees will be included in this year’s list of candidates.

Sunfield Farmers Picnic Committee

Meeting Dates for 2020:

April 8th                   7 pm             Sunfield District Library

May 6th                   7 pm             Sunfield District Library

June 3rd                  7 pm             Sunfield District Library

July 8th                    7 pm             Sunfield District Library

July 22nd                 7 pm             Sunfield District Library

August 5th               7 pm            Sunfield District Library

August 12th             6 pm            Van Buren Park

August 13th - 16th---the Farmer’s Picnic at Van Buren Park

September 9th       7 pm            Sunfield District Library

Parting Comments

· Something To Ponder:  In a world where you can be anything---be kind.

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