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SPY's Newsletter 2/26/21

SPY’s Newsletter #121



In the past Newsletter I erroneously reported that the Daylight Saving Time “Spring Ahead” date was Sunday, March 7th. That date was wrong! The actual date is Sunday, March 14th.

The reason for the error was the calendar I was going by for the information had the date printed on it incorrectly and I just blindly passed it on. Sorry. Thank you’s to the few faithful readers out there that sent me emails and brought it to my attention.

Next SPY Meeting

The next meeting of the Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth (the SPY’s) will take place next Tuesday, March 9th, starting at 7 PM. It will once again be held at the Best Tax Service office, which is located just west of the blinker light in Sunfield. Guests are always welcome.

News From The SSAA

The Sunfield Summer Athletic Association (the SSAA), is tentatively moving forward to get our kids back on the ball fields this spring and are accepting sign ups for boys and girls from t-ball on up. We are asking parents to sign up so we can gauge interest and get these kids out of the house and playing ball!

For further information and / or to get a sign-up form, go to:

Benefit Spaghetti Dinner Planned

Mark your calendars and save the Saturday, March 27th date! There will be a special “Yellow Hearts For Veterans” benefit spaghetti dinner held at the Sunfield Community Rooms. Here are the details:

· Serving will be between 4 and 8 PM.

· The costs is just $10 for adults / $5 for kids.

· There will be a raffle held with many outstanding prizes available.

· Curbside take-out service will be available.

· Contact Sara Knight at 269-876-6489 for further information.

Here is more background on the

“Yellow Hearts For Veterans” project:

The purpose of this new local program is to help Veterans who suffer from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), or just need someone to talk to. In many cases it is not easy to talk to family and friends because they can’t relate on the same level. This is important because so many veterans feel alone and don’t have someone to turn to. As a result, a number resort of drugs and/or alcohol.

This program creates a safe environment for Veterans to talk; vent; and meet new people who have been through similar situations. They can keep it as simple as coming to a group meeting once a week, or the program will be offering sessions with licensed therapists (located in Ionia) to do private sessions with each individual called EDMR.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing or EMDR, is multi-phase form of therapy. It is based on the theory of information processing. Information processing theory says multiple elements (thoughts, feelings, images) of an experience are stored as memories in accessible and useful forms in the brain. However since emotions and cognitions are stored in different places in the brain…. what you know and what you feel are sometimes very different!

Thus, EMDR sessions focus on reprocessing the information associated with past, present or future experiences that are experienced in an overly emotional or negative way. These targeted experiences are often associated with pathologies such as phobias, panic disorder, PTSD and depression.

There are so many times that the VA doesn’t provide enough support for our Veterans. The mission of this program is to support and help as many local Veterans as possible.

Here is some basic information about the program:

· Meetings will be held in the Sunfield or Woodland area.

· Individual therapy sessions are to be held in Ionia.

· This program is open to all Veterans suffering from PTSD.

· There is no cost to a Veteran. It is hoped that through private donations and fund-raisers the costs associated with the meetings and therapist will be covered.

· The time involved will be from 1 to 2 hours per week.

· For further information please contact Sara Knight at


Parting Comments

· Deep Thought of the Week: Keep the dream alive---Hit the snooze button.

· Notable Quote: “Always be a work in progress.”

· That’s Puny Department: Someone threw a jar of mayo at me. I was like, what the Hellman?!

· Did You Know Section? A person’s height is determined by their father, and their weight is determined by their mother.

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