• Christina Grosshans

SPY's Newsletter 2/10/20

SPY’s Newsletter #63


Wild Game Dinner / Sportsman’s Night Treasure Chest Winners

Pictured (far left and far right) are Candace and Nick Spitzley providers of some of the prizes in the “white ticket” treasure chest drawings.  The winners were (left to right next to Candace) Josh Lyke, who won a $100 Meijer gift card; Zoe Brummette, who won a meat bundle; Brittni Brummette, who also won a meat bundle; and Tyler Root, who won the third meat bundle.

The Treasure Chest prizes were underwritten by Mark Woodman Plumbing & Heating; Blair Landscaping; and Pete Weller.

Don Kenyon Wins Outdoor Hunting Group

Pictured (center) is Don Kenyon winner of the outdoor hunting group, which included a Hub Blind and a Buddy portable heater.  This “white ticket” prize was donated by Eric & Brittni Brummette, who are pictured on each side of Don.

Mike Satterlee Wins Custom Built Cooler And Craft Beer

Pictured (left) is Jordan Porter who did the honors of drawing the winning ticket for a custom made cooler that was crafted for the event by Ed Kruger and filled with a variety of craft beer.  Pictured (right) is the smiling lucky winner, Mike Satterlee.


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