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SPY's Newsletter 12/9/2023

SPY’s Community Newsletter



Local Employment Opportunity


The Caterpillar Clubhouse, which is the local child care center located in the old Sunfield Elementary School building, is looking for two Full-Time lead Childcare teachers, and one Full-Time Assistant. Must be 18 years of age.  They are also open to working with volunteers.  Please feel free to call Belinda at 517-974-8068 for more information or to apply.


Follow-Up Report From The Lakewood Lions Club

At the Sunfield Museum Christmas Celebration Event held recently, the Lakewood Lions held another of their free “Kidsight Vision Screening” clinics.  There were eleven kids screened and all 11 passed!  The Lions Lakewood area screening totals for the year are 279 screened, 258 passed, 6.8 % were referrals.   It was a good day and they will be back at the Museum again next year.


The SPY’s are looking for donations of empty egg cartons for use in conjunction with our Dime Pitch Booth activity.  So, please start saving them for us if you would.  If / when you have some to pass along please contact John Fisher 517-648-0969.  Thank you!  (We could use some immediately!)



·      The next meeting of the Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth (SPY’s) will be held this coming Tuesday, December 12th starting at 6:30 PM, at the Best Tax Service building on M-43 just West of the blinker light.  Guests are always welcome!


·      On Saturday, December 16, 2023, there will be a magnificent Craft Show held at the Masonic Temple on Main Street in Mulliken.  It will run from 9 AM to 3 PM.  ABC Crafts and Collectables is hosting the benefit event.  Check it out!


·      The annual Lakewood Community Council Christmas Basket distribution is also happening on Saturday, December 16th.  Volunteers are needed to help deliver the baskets to the designated families in the Sunfield area. Anyone that would like to help out, just show up at the Central Methodist Church in downtown Lake Odessa at 9 AM. It will take just a couple hours of your time, at the most and is quite rewarding and well worth the effort!  For Further information, please contact John Fisher at 517-648-0969.  Thank you!


Parting Comments

·      Deep Thought of the Week:  We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.


·      Notable Quote: “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”---Abraham Lincoln


·      That’s Puny Department: The other day a buddy of mine and I were out on the lake fishing when I dropped my wallet into the water.  As we watched the wallet float down to the depths of the lake, a carp came along and snatched up the wallet.  Soon came another carp who stole it away from the first, and then a third joined in.  Remarked my buddy, “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen carp-to-carp walleting.”


·      Did You Know Section: Australia is known for its unique wildlife, not all of which is friendly. In 1932, the country received a harsh reminder of that when a drought caused some 20,000 emus to move inland in search of water during their breeding season, disrupting farmers’ crops in the process. The ostrich-like birds had already had their classification downgraded from “native species” to “vermin” despite being endemic to Australia and appearing on its coat of arms alongside the kangaroo, and this mass migration made them public enemy No. 1. The government sent in World War I veterans to assist the beleaguered farmers, and though they were outfitted with machine guns, they soon found themselves overwhelmed by their flightless foes. Emus are fairly imposing, to be fair — among all bird species, only ostriches and cassowaries are larger. 


“The machine-gunners’ dreams of point-blank fire into serried masses of Emus were soon dissipated,” observed D.L. Serventy, an Australian ornithologist. “The Emu command had evidently ordered guerrilla tactics, and its unwieldy army soon split up into innumerable small units that made use of the military equipment uneconomic. A crestfallen field force therefore withdrew from the combat area after about a month.” In other words, the emus emerged victorious in what’s now known as the Great Emu War. The birds were simply too much trouble to get rid of, and though they suffered heavy casualties, they still thrive Down Under.




1.      If there is any organization or business out there that has something they would like to advertise or promote, please feel free to submit it to this Newsletter and we will help publicize it.  There is no charge.  We are glad to provide this means as a public service to help keep the community informed.


2.      If you are looking for further information about the SPY’s events---Corporate or Platinum Sponsorship information---scholarship forms---youth sports reimbursement forms---past SPY newsletters---etc.---just go to the SPY website at


3.      NOTE:  If you know of anyone who would like to receive these SPY’s Newsletters, just send me an email at with their email address and we will add them to the distribution list.

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