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SPY's Newsletter 10/29/23

SPY’s Community Newsletter


News From The Sunfield Library

Friends of the Sunfield District library will be holding their annual Holiday Raffle on December 9th. this year. If you would like to donate an item for the raffle, they would certainly appreciate it. All donations need to be in by October 31st. Tickets will be available at the library starting November 1st. Money from the raffle goes to help fund the summer reading program and other extra events such as Ming the Magician, who appears at the Farmer’s Picnic.

News From The Lakewood Lions Club

The Lakewood Lions Club had an organization---“Seedlings” --- at our Lions Club meeting recently. They produce / provide high-quality free / low cost books in Braille for infants to teens. If you know of anyone who has a child that is blind or has low vision ability, we can connect them.

This appears to be a first-class organization focused on helping visually impaired children. Three of our members have visited them. We have some literature available – check them out at


· Susan Firestone made a donation in memory of Joyce Martin.

· Ken & Leah Black made a donation in memory of Eunice Black.

· John & Sandra Fisher made a contribution in memory of Verna Brown.

Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and consideration!

Parting Comments

· Deep Thought of the Week: If hard work is the key to success, most people would rather pick the lock.

•. Notable Quote: “Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I’ve forgotten this before.”

• That’s Puny Department: It was a chilly, blustery day as I made my way through the front door of Swede’s Grill looking for some lunch. Once seated and in the process of reviewing the specials board, Chef Robbo emerged from the kitchen and plopped down in the booth across from me. “Fish”, he says, “I’ve got another, ultra special intellectual groaner for you this week.” “It has a special English lilt to it and will make even the MENSA’s out there scratch their chins.” “I can hardly wait.” Says I, “But hurry it up. I’m hungry.” “OK, OK. Here goes. What is an ig?” “I responded, “I have no idea what an ig is. Pray tell, what is an ig?” A big grin erupts on the Chef’s puss. “Why Fish, an ig is an Inuit’s house without a toilet.”

• Did You Know Section: The inaugural Winter Olympics were held in Chamonix, France, from January 25th. to February 4th., 1924. A total of 258 athletes from 16 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) competed in 16 events across 9 disciplines. Women also took part in these games, although the only events they were allowed to compete in were the figure skating ladies' singles and pairs. The athletes from Norway and Finland stood out and dominated the games, winning 17 and 11 medals, respectively. The United States and Great Britain tied for third place in the count of total medals, with four each.

The first gold medalist at these Games—and therefore the first gold medalist in Winter Olympic history—was American speed skater Charles Jewtraw.

In the 1924 Winter Olympics 90m hill ski jumping competition, Thorleir Haug of Norway won the bronze medal. Nearly 50 years later, in 1974, a scoring error was discovered that demoted Haug, who had been dead for over 30 years, to fourth place. American Anders Haugen, then 83, was moved up to third and awarded the bronze medal in a special ceremony in Oslo. Fifty years after the competition, Haugen officially became the only American to ever win an Olympic ski jumping medal.


1. If there is any organization or business out there that has something they would like to advertise or promote, please feel free to submit it to this Newsletter and we will help publicize it. There is no charge. We are glad to provide this means as a public service to help keep the community informed.

2. If you are looking for further information about the SPY’s events---Corporate or Platinum Sponsorship information---scholarship forms---youth sports reimbursement forms---past SPY newsletters---etc.---just go to the SPY website at

3. NOTE: If you know of anyone who would like to receive these SPY’s Newsletters, just send me an email at with their email address and we will add them to the distribution list.

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