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SPY's Newsletter 10/29/20

SPY’s Newsletter #105


Let’s Decorate  The Village of Sunfield

We’re certain we can all agree 2020 has been a year like no other!  

In an effort to bring back some normalcy the Fire Department and Auxiliarywould like to continue the tradition of decorating Main Street for us all to enjoy.

Last year, thanks to an amazing response from all of you, we were able to purchase garland for the poles on Main Street and hang paper laminated ornaments.  This year we would like to decorate with wooden personalized ornaments to memorialize, honor, or thank those you hold dear during the holiday season.  

Will you help us with our “CELEBRATION POLES”?

Our goal is to have the personalized ornaments put up Thanksgiving weekend, so we need you to act quickly!  

DEADLINE:  Wednesday, November 18, 2020   

ACT NOW:  There are 3 payment options: 1) By mail - send your name and phone number along with $10, per ornament, to SFD Auxiliary, PO Box 223, Sunfield, MI 48890.   2) Electronically using PayPal.  Type in your web browser.  Log in to your account, click “Send”, enter $10 per ornament, click in “note” type your name, phone# and ornament wording, click “Continue” then click on “Sending to a friend” and to finish click Send Payment Now.  Important – make sure you included ornament(s) wording - examples:  In Memory of, In Honor of, Thank you. 3) In Person -The Grosshans family will be passing out Halloween candy this Saturday.  A drop box will be available. Questions?  Call Christina Grosshans 616-893-7942 or Julie Hopkins 517-285-1224.

Recycling Center News

As you may have heard, the Sunfield Recycling Center re-opened yesterday (October 28th), after being closed for several months.  The center is now being operated as a one-year pilot project to see if there is enough community and regional support to maintain its ongoing operation after the pilot project ends.

The Sunfield Recycling Center was established in the early 2000’s with the help from Eaton County’s Solid Waste Alternative Grant (SWAG) program, and run by Sunfield Township.  SWAG funds were used to purchase the site, construct the building, and purchase equipment.  Since then, SWAG funds have helped support site staffing, maintenance, and management of collected materials.

In July 2019, the Township discontinued their involvement with the recycling center, citing inadequate funding, poor market values for recyclables, and increasing use of the service from people from outside Eaton County.  In an effort to continue the service, Eaton County leased the site and engaged nearby Mulliken to operate the site for six months.  That contract ended in January 2020, resulting in the most recent closure of the center.

Since then, Eaton County has grappled with what to do with the site.  The center represents a significant investment in equipment and infrastructure.  In addition, its closure left a gap in recycling access in the northwestern part of the county.  There were also many questions surrounding a possible reopening---Who would operate it?  How can we develop stable, long-term funding for the site?  Would the Sunfield community support it?  What opportunities for regional cooperation exist?

To answer these questions, the county Public Works and Planning Committee resolved to reopen the Sunfield site as a pilot project.  The Eaton County Department of Resource Recovery will oversee the project, gathering data, and investigating opportunities for collaboration.  Their intent is to identify a path forward, if possible, for the continued operation of the Sunfield Recycling Center.

If anyone has any questions you are encouraged to call the Eaton County Department of Resource Recovery at 517-543-3686.

We’re Still Looking!

We would like to “pick the collective brains” of our Newsletter readership.  We are asking if anyone out there knows of a place that could accommodate 300 people and serve beer.  If you do know of such a place, please contact John Fisher at 517-648-0969.  Thank you!

Parting Comments

· Reflections: Whoever said, “Out of sight, out of mind”, never had a spider disappear in the bedroom.

· Parenting Tip Of The Week:  It turns out that when asked who your favorite child is, you’re supposed to pick one of your own.

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