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SPY's Newsletter 1/4/2020

It’s A New Year!

Let’s Make It A Great One!

Wanna Help Kids And The Community?

We are valiantly trying to get more people engaged in the community and the various kids programs we underwrite. We have taken the position that volunteering and helping out is more important that collecting dues and will do considerably more to bring our community closer together.

To that end, as it was announced in the SPY’s Newsletter #50, and in the letter each SPY member of record received at their home, starting January 1, 2020, there will be no dues charged to be a member of the SPY’s under the following conditions:

1. If you volunteer to serve as an officer in the organization.

At the present time, our officers are all set for 2020. But, if you

would be interested in serving in the future, please contact Steve Grosshans (269-838-6459) and let him know.

2. If you volunteer to serve as the chairperson of an event.

The only SPY event that is currently looking for someone to head it up is the Dime Pitch Booth. It is one of the highlights, especially for kids, at the annual Farmer’s Picnic. Not to mention it’s a nice little money-maker for the SPY’s. After a number of years doing a fantastic job of chairing this event for the SPY’s, Jody Root is retiring from her post. So, we are looking for someone who would be interested in stepping-up and volunteering to take over heading-up the Dime Pitch Booth. (We only run it for two days at the Farmer’s Picnic).

If you would like to volunteer, please give our President Steve Grosshans a call at 269-838-6459. Or, if you would like more information as to what’s involved, just give Jody a call at 517-231-8956.

3. If you volunteer to work on any SPY fund-raising event during the calendar year.

Below is a listing of our various SPY project leaders in case you need more information about an event you would like to volunteer for, or would like to sign-up to help out. (There will be sign-up sheets at the Annual Meeting on Friday, January 10th).

+ Wild Game Dinner / Sportsmen’s Night---Pete Weller 517-743-1642. This event is held annually on the first Saturday in February.

+ Texas Hold ‘Em’s---Wendel Peabody 517-449-6018. We work Hold Em’s three to four times a year. They are usually a three-day event. The work-load is broken down into shifts. Hold Em’s have been a top money-maker for the SPY’s for a number of years.

+ Dime Pitch Booth---(OPEN EVENT NEEDING A CHAIRPERSON) This event is held during the Farmer’s Picnic in August.

+ Centennial Acres / SPY Shootout Golf Tournament

Steve Grosshans 269-838-6459 and

Derek Desgranges 269-838-7686

This event is a golf scramble that we have put on for 31 years. It is held at the Centennial Acres Golf Course in June.

+ Community Celebration Calendar---Rosie Best---517-331-0836. The Community Calendars have been around for about 60 years. Assistance would be needed briefly in late April and again in late August. The tasks involved would be ad proofing, mailing assistance; and delivery.

+ Adopt-A-Highway---Derek Desgranges 269-838-7686. Adopt-A-Highway trash pick-ups are held three times a year, usually in April, July, and September.

+ Euchre Tournament---Casey Shettler 517-231-2192. “The Showdown On Main Street” is usually held the first Saturday in March at the Sunfield Community Rooms.

+ Christmas Basket Distribution---John Fisher 517-648-0969. The Lakewood Community Council’s Christmas Basket distribution usually happens on the first or second Saturday in December. We handle deliveries for the Sunfield and Mulliken areas.

+ Scholarship Program---Mandy Grosshans 269-838-3077

Betsy Gibbs 517-930-6989

Work on this activity amounts to being on the committee that evaluates SPY’s Community Foundation scholarship applicants and decides scholarship awards and amounts.

+ Softball Tournament---Craig Cappon 517-331-4005. The tournament is a big part of the Farmer’s Picnic activities and is held in August.

What do you say---Volunteer today!

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