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SPY's Newsletter 1/26/24

SPY’s Community Newsletter



SPY’s Annual Meeting Reschedule Date Has Been Set

Please be advised that the SPY’s annual meeting of the membership will take place on Saturday, February 17th, starting at 6 PM.  We were forced to cancel the original date due to the inclement weather that hit.  Details will follow.  But put this date on your calendars!


Here is an extra special wrinkle for this year’s meeting---It will be held in the cafeteria at the old Sunfield Elementary School, which is now the Caterpillar Clubhouse.  We thank Belinda Gulley for her graciousness in letting us utilize part of her facility.  As we said earlier, details to follow in upcoming Newsletters.


Texas Hold ‘Em Helpers Needed

The next Texas Hold ‘Em event the SPY’s are scheduled to work is coming up on Monday, February 5th through Thursday, February 8th.  What do you say, give event chairman Jeff Gibbs a call at 517-930-6989 and volunteer for a shift.  What’s involved is easy and essential to help underwrite the SPY’s various community programs.


Here are the shifts we currently need to fill:

Monday, February 5th ---2 people---3 to 6 PM

Tuesday, February 6th---2 people---10:45 AM to 3 PM

                                                  2 people---3 to 6 PM

Wednesday, February 7th---3 people---6:15 PM to 10 PM

                                                    2 people---10 PM to Close

Thursday, February 8th---2 people---6:15 PM to 10 PM

                                                  2 people---10 PM to Close


Reminder From The Sunfield United Methodist Church

The Sunfield Community Dinners are still taking place!  That’s right folks, the FREE Community Dinners are held every Monday, with serving from 4 to 6 PM at the Methodist Church on Logan Street.  They, along with Rob Piercefield, have been providing this service for the community for over fifteen years!  Everyone is welcome!


News From The Fire Department Auxillary


We are looking for some help. Our group firmly believes in supporting not only the members of our Fire Department, but also community members who are in need of their services. One of the ways we strive to meet these needs are by supplying a simple hygiene kit for each family member of a household when there is a fire. It offers a small comfort to the victims of a fire to know that they do not have to worry about how to obtain the simple everyday items listed below.


If it is laid on your heart, we are looking for items so we can refill our kits. A big thank you to the Sunfield District Library who has agreed to be a collection point for us!

We would be extremely grateful for anything donated. If you prefer a monetary donation and to let us do the shopping, our PayPal information is listed below.

We thank you, as always, for your continued support to the Auxiliary, the Fire Department and our community!


Notice #1


Mapes Furniture is having their 132nd. Anniversary Sale for the entire month of February.  Great deals, and interest free financing.  Check it out!


Centennial Acres Sunday Brunches A BIG Hit!

Check-out flyer with details attached below.

Parting Comments

·      Deep Thought of the Week:  LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters.  Think about it!


·      Notable Quote: “Sometime I want to ask God why he allows poverty, famine, corruption, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it.  But I’m afraid He might just ask me the same question.”


·      That’s Puny Department: As soon as the hospital made me put on one of those little gowns, I knew the end was in sight."

·      Did You Know Section: More than 130,000 Allied troops landed at Normandy as part of D-Day, but only one of them was the son of a former U.S. President: Theodore Roosevelt Jr., who also held the distinction of being the oldest soldier to deploy. He was born on September 13, 1887, making the brigadier general 56 years old when he asked to land with the first wave. After two verbal requests were denied, Roosevelt submitted a written petition, in which he wrote, “I personally know both officers and men of these advance units and believe that it will steady them to know that I am with them.”

High command finally relented, and Roosevelt landed on Utah Beach equipped with his walking cane and service pistol on June 6, 1944. Later, soldiers from his unit indeed credited his “calm and humorous demeanor” with helping them push through. Roosevelt was already a decorated veteran at this point, having served with distinction in World War I, but his military career was cut short when he suffered a fatal heart attack barely a month after D-Day. General George Patton hailed him as one of the bravest men he ever knew, and Roosevelt received a posthumous Medal of Honor on September 21, 1944. His son Quentin Roosevelt II stormed Omaha Beach on D-Day, making them the only father-son duo to take part in the Normandy landings.



1.      If there is any organization or business out there that has something they would like to advertise or promote, please feel free to submit it to this Newsletter and we will help publicize it.  There is no charge.  We are glad to provide this means as a public service to help keep the community informed.

2.      If you are looking for further information about the SPY’s events---Corporate or Platinum Sponsorship information---scholarship forms---youth sports reimbursement forms---past SPY newsletters---etc.---just go to the SPY website at


3.      NOTE:  If you know of anyone who would like to receive these SPY’s Newsletters, just send me an email at with their email address and we will add them to the distribution list.

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