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  • Christina Grosshans

SPY's Euchre Tournament Report

The 28th annual “Showdown On Main Street” is in the books.  Casey Shettler took over as the chairperson for this fun event and did an outstanding job!  Here is his report: 

The tournament remained open to current SPYS members, and they were welcome to bring a non-SPY member couple with them. We also continue to allow the players to be a mixed partnership. This works great, especially if you have any walk-ins play.

The results of the 2019 tourney were:

* Overall Grand Champion:  Art Meade with 83 points

* High Point Man: Art Meade with 83 points

* Second Place Man: Craig Mulholland with 72 points

* Third Place Man:  Larry Steward with 69 points

* First Place Woman: Angela Coan with 79 points

* Second Place Woman:  Jody Root and Beth Shettler both had 65 points.  Jody won the tie-breaker.

* Last Place Man: Oren Best with 42 points. (Just a mere 41 points away from the champion!)

* Last Place Woman: Justina Hastings with 55 points

 Our thanks go out to our prize donors---Fire Keepers Casino---Rob Piercefield and Swede’s Grill---and Shettler Services Plus.

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