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SPY Newsletter 8/3/2019

THANK YOU !!!  A BIG Sunfield Area SPY salute goes out to the fine group of volunteers that worked a shift or two at last weeks Texas Hold ‘Em event.  Our Event Chairman Wendel Peabody sends out his sincere thanks for the fine folks that volunteered to get the job done so that the kids and our various programs benefited.  A heartfelt thank you and expression of appreciation goes out to our outstanding crew:

Steve Grosshans

Amanda Peabody

John Fisher

Jeff Gibbs

Betsy Gibbs

Shari Woodman

Rebekah Woodman

Jody Root

Seth DeMott

Rod Clark

DeAnna Clark

Rosie Best

Shana Cappon

An extra special salute goes out to Barry Woodman and Zeke Cappon who each worked two shifts to help the cause!  Thank you guys for the extra effort!

· With the Farmer’s Picnic just around the corner, don’t forget to round up any glassware or new or “gently used” stuffed animals that we can use in the Dime Pitch Booth at the Farmer’s Picnic.  If you have anything to donate please contact our project chairperson, Jody Root at 517-231-8956.

· IMPORTANT NOTICE!  The SPY’s have taken over the sponsoring of the “Open Class Craft Show” at the Farmer’s Picnic.  The Craft Show is headed up by DeAnna Clark (517-231-2527).  It is the SPY’s hope that we can get more kids involved in the craft show, and working with DeAnna the entry classes and age brackets for kids is be expanded.  So please help us in inspiring area youth to share their creative talents and place an entry or two, or three, in the show.

Please see the previous post for a copy of the form.

· The following announcement appeared in this week’s issue of The Sunfield Sentinel:


The last issue of The Sunfield Sentinel will be the printing of the Christmas paper 2019.  The Sentinel will still be open to do job printing.

So, after 130 years of publishing, the Sentinel will cease putting out a newspaper.  This action creates a number of challenges for the SPY’s, especially in the areas of event and program promotion; recognition of scholarship and other award winners; acknowledgement of contributors; etc. etc.

We are looking for anyone’s ideas on how to continue to connect with the community at large.  Sure, we have a website and are on Facebook, but we need more methods and avenues to reach the public. 

If you have a suggestion, just pass it on with an email to John Fisher (

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