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SPY Newsletter #42

SPY’s Newsletter #42


Thank-You !!!

We had a couple of event this past week---a Texas Hold ‘Em and an Adopt-A-Highway trash pick-up.  Lately it’s become difficult to get volunteers to step-up and pitch-in, so for those that did we are truly appreciative of you dedication to the community and our various youth programs!

Our Adopt-A-Highway chairperson, Derek Desgranges, sends out his thanks to his crew:

John & Sandra Fisher

Steve & Christina Grosshans

Grace Grosshans

Gavin Grosshans

Craig Cappon

Zeke Cappon

Gabe Cappon

A special salute to Rosie Best and Shana Cappon for “calling in the cavalry”.

Our Texas Hold ‘Em chairperson, Wendel Peabody, shouts out his appreciation to his crew:

Jeff Gibbs

Shari Woodman

Craig Mulholland

Louann Harag

Buddy & Jari Collins

John & Sandra Fisher

Lou Trowbridge

Mandy Peabody

Barry Woodman

· Looking ahead, our FINAL Texas Hold “Em event for 2019 will take place on Wednesday, October 9th and Thursday, October 10th.  This one will be an abbreviated event in that we only need to cover one shift each day---11 AM to 6 PM on Wednesday, and 6:30 PM to close on Thursday.  Our Texas Hold ‘Em chairperson Wendel Peabody is working on putting together the worker schedule and is looking for volunteers.  What do you say---give Wendel a call at 517-449-6018 and lend a hand on this critical fund-raiser for the SPY’s


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