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SPY Newsletter 2/23/19

SPY’s Newsletter #24


Sunfield Summer Athletic Association

Is Looking For A Little Help

“Back in the day”, many years ago, the Sunfield Area SPY’s ran the local boys and girls summer ball programs.  But, between the number of kids participating, (I believe our “high-water” mark was 352 kids one year), as well as a 15-team men’s softball league competing for field time, the SPY’s determined that they needed some help in scheduling and administration of the program(s).

So, in 1990, the Sunfield Summer Athletic Association (the SSAA) was created.  The SSAA has since run the youth summer ball programs.  (The adult league has since folded).  They handle the scheduling, lining up coaches and umpires, and the other administrative duties associated with summer ball.  The SPY’s continue to provide all of the funding for providing equipment, uniforms, fees and other costs for the SSAA teams.

Over the past year the SSAA has been going through a reorganization that has brought about a number of improvements.  Currently the SSAA is gearing up for another season of youth summer ball and is looking for some help.  Specifically, they a searching for some assistance in the following areas:

· On Wednesday, March 13th , there will be a meeting at the Sunfield Community Rooms starting at 6 PM.  All interested parties are invited to attend.  The SSAA is looking for input, suggestions, or feedback on anything concerning the summer ball programs here in Sunfield.

· If anyone is looking for more information about the SSAA and its operation, please come and ask your questions!

· If you have a youth that hasn’t yet signed up to play this summer, you can either go to the SPY’s website and click under the “Forms” tab, or you can sign them up at the March 13th meeting.

· The SSAA is also looking for people interested in Coaching, Umpiring, or helping out in an Administrative capacity.

· If you are interested in helping out, please note the following general information:

+ The ball season ends in July.

+ Umpires are compensated.

+ If you live outside of the SSAA coverage boundary (the old Sunfield School district boundaries) and volunteer to coach or take on an administrative duty and have a child / children that plays, they will play for free.

· If you know of anyone that might be interested in the SSAA and the summer ball programs, please pass this newsletter along.

· If you are interested in helping out, or would like specific information on what’s needed, but can’t make the March 13th. meeting, you can give John Fisher a call at 517-648-0969.

· Please help pass the word!

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