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SPY Newsletter #16


· The Lakewood Community Council has once again requested help with the annual Christmas Basket Project for the Lakewood School District.  Drivers that are familiar with the Sunfield area are needed on Saturday, December 8th, at 9 AM.  It will take just a couple hours of your time, at the most. 

The Christmas Basket project helps nearly 200 families in the Lakewood area.  Volunteers are needed to deliver the baskets to the designated families in the Sunfield area.  Anyone that would like to help out, just show up on Saturday, December 8th. at the Central Methodist Church in downtown Lake Odessa.  For Further information, please contact John Fisher at 517-648-0969.  Thank you!

· Christina Grosshans recently took on the monumental task of “cleaning-up” the SPY’s website.  She has done a fantastic job!  Please take a moment and check it out at  There is still some updating to do, but it has come a long, long way.  If you have any feedback, corrections, suggestions for additional website content, etc., please give Christina a call at 616-893-7942.

· Mark your calendars!  On Saturday, January 12, 2019, the SPY’s Annual Meeting of the Membership will be held at the Centennial Acres clubhouse.  Be looking for a letter in the mail detailing all of the information about the meeting.

· If you know of anyone who would like to be added to the “SPY’s Newsletter” distribution list please email John Fisher at

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