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SPY's Newsletter 9/10/2020

SPY’s Newsletter #99


Sunfield Recycling Center News

I just received the following information from our County Commissioner Rob Piercefield concerning the Sunfield Recycling Center:

“Great news.  The County has approved my plan and budget to reopen Sunfield recycling.  We are going to be surveying people to get an idea where they are coming from and then move forward with a plan I’ve been working on to be more of a regional operation.  The goal is to be back open by October 1st.”

Sunfield Fire Department Auxiliary Golf Scramble Coming Next Saturday

There is still time to get your team together for the Sunfield Fire Department Auxiliary golf scramble set to tee off on Saturday, September 19th at the Centennial Acres golf course.

For further information or to register a team please contact Christina Grosshans at 616-893-7942.


We have a few Thank-Yous to send out to some fine folks for their contributions of various kinds.  A BIG Sunfield Area SPY salute to:

*  A belated one to Rosie Best and Shana Cappon for their help with preparation work on the Dime Pitch Booth activity.

*  John & Sandra Fisher for their prize donations to our Dime Pitch Booth activity.

*  Craig & Shana Cappon for their donation of two dozen softballs to the SPY’s Charities Softball Tournament held during the Farmer’s Picnic.

Thank you all for helping us help kids and the community!

Who Are The SPY’s Chapter One---History

There are a number of people on this Newsletter distribution list who are new to the area, as well as others out there that would like to learn more about the SPY’s.  So, beginning with this Newsletter we will be passing along everything you may need to know about this vital civic organization. 

The Genesis of the Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth (the SPY’s) began in 1975. A few young men from the Sunfield area who wanted to promote local youth sports activities began exploring ideas for “ways and means” to accomplish this endeavor. A group from the Grand Ledge JayCees heard about them and came to town to “extend” (a JayCee term) an invitation to become a JayCee chapter.  (There had been a JayCee chapter in Sunfield years before, but it had become defunct).  So, a new JayCee chapter was formed here in Sunfield. 

The association with the JayCees lasted a little over a year.  Contributing factors to severing ties were: (1) No women members were allowed; (2) Anyone over the age of 36 could no longer be a member; (because these factors were determined to be discriminatory by the Federal Government, the JayCess at that time could not get a tax exempt status); (3) A substantial dues structure was required; and (4) Requirements from the National JayCees mandated the sale of all kinds of “stuff” with at least 50% of the profits being returned to the national organization.  All tolled, this became a real rub with local members.  As a result, the Sunfield membership waned until only four members remained.

So an effort to save what we thought was a needed service to the community, we severed our ties with the formal JayCees organization.  We ran a contest to rename our resurrected group, and promised a cash prize if an entry was adopted.  This was promoted for a number of weeks through the Sunfield Sentinel newspaper.  The winning entry of “Sunfield Area Sponsors of Programs for Youth” was submitted by Rhonda Thompson.  Thus we became the S.P.Y.’s.  

More to come in future Newsletters.

Parting Comments

· Something To Ponder: Current federal law says you must know English to become a citizen.  So, why are foreign language ballots even printed?

· Thoughts On Aging: I really don’t mind getting older, but my body is taking it badly.

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