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SPY Newsletter 8/21/2020

SPY’s Newsletter #96


SPY’s Lenon Award Winner Named

At the SPY’s Sunfield Community Foundation scholarship and awards ceremony held during the Farmer’s Picnic it was announced that Hanna Davis was this year’s recipient of the Richard Lenon Community Service Award.

This award is given to the graduating Senior that has demonstrated the greatest degree of community service.  That is the only criteria for the award.  Along with the engraved plaque, Hanna received a check for $500.

Hanna is to be congratulated for her willingness to serve her community in so many ways.

SPY’s Charity Softball Tournament Report

By Craig Cappon

The 49th. annual covid impacted SPY’s Charities Softball Tournament is in the books.  There were just seven teams competing this year due to the covid mess.  Nonetheless, there were some great games played, as well as an exciting Home Run Derby contest.

The winning team was Chuck’s Mafia (pictured below)

Back row L to R: Andrew Cleland (holding Kyleigh), Jason Brown (holding Murphy), Dylan Cuddahee (holding Harper), Adam Woodbury, Tyler Trierweiler, Alex Arrington, David Arizola

Front row L to R: Zach Arizola, Chaz Arizola, Justin Pierce, Damian Miller, BJ Salazar, & Nate Trevino

The final game of the championship between the strong Slo-Motion team and the powerful Chuck’s Mafia team was a nail-biter. Slo-Motion had a substantial lead over Chuck's Mafia late in the game.  Then the “thunder” erupted and Chuck's Mafia came from behind by scoring 21 runs in one inning. The final score was 39-36.  What a game!

The final order of competing teams is as follows:

1. Chuck’s Mafia

2. Slo-Motion

3. Last Minute

4. Best Tax Service

5. Heavy Hitters

6. Gravy Train

7. Essential Ballers

The tournament Most Valuable Player Award went to Jason Brown from the Chuck’s Mafia team, who is pictured below (L) holding his son Murphy. 

In the Home Run Derby contest there were 19 participants.  Each batter got twelve pitches to see how many they could put over the fence.  After the first round, Alex Arrington and Adam Woodbury were tied with six dingers each.

In the resulting play-off, Alex Arrington bested Adam Woodbury 7 to 5.  Attached is the mighty swing of champion Alex Arrington.

Tournament Director Craig Cappon would like to extend his thanks to his volunteer helpers:

Pete Weller---For the field work

Shana Cappon---Picture taking

Alana Cappon; Haleigh Grove; & Lilly Mekediak who were the scoreboard crew

And to all the kids in the outfield who chased balls during the Home Run Derby


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