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SPY Newsletter 2/15/2019

SPY’s Newsletter #23


Texas Hold ‘Em Needs Volunteers!

Call Wendel Peabody at 517-449-6018

· Our first Texas Hold ‘Em event the SPY’s are scheduled to work in 2019 will take place on March 17th through the 19th, (that’s a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday).  The event will run from 2 PM until 2 AM each day.  Our Texas Hold ‘Em chairperson Wendel Peabody is working on putting together the worker schedule and is looking for volunteers.  Wendel has broken up the days into shifts and needs helpers to cover either an early shift or a late shift, (or both for that matter).  Here’s an idea---invite a friend to come work with you and we’ll show them the ropes.

Call Wendel Peabody at 517-449-6018

If you have never worked a Texas Hold ‘Em event there absolutely is nothing to fear.  It is easy, simple tasks that are involved.  This is nothing like the old Las Vegas Nights we used to run.  We are not “The House”, so we don’t deal cards, or gamble in any way against the players.  The players compete against each other.  The work we do simply amounts to selling and redeeming chips for the players at one end of the room.  Once every hour someone goes out to the dealers and gets some chips from the dealers that is called “the rake”.  That is all there is to it.  We are required by the State to have three people per shift, so everything runs at a smooth, comfortable pace. 

If you haven’t worked a Texas Hold ‘Em before and would like to give it a try we will put you with experienced veterans so, as I said, there is nothing to fear.  Not to mention, this has been a significant fund-raiser for our many youth programs over the years, which makes it well worth you time.

Call Wendel Peabody at 517-449-6018

One more thing about this Texas Hold ‘Em event, Aces Gaming, (the company that actually runs the events), has opened a second location in Lansing.  We will be the very first charity to work at their new location.

This new location, (The Event Spot II) is just East of the Lansing Mall, on Elmwood Street. It is in the Elmwood Plaza, which is right next to the Golden Corral restaurant.  The number on the door is 856, which is between the Edward Jones office and the Hair Headquarters.  (See pictures below).

Call Wendel Peabody at 517-449-6018

In Other News

· The SPY’s 28th annual Euchre Night (AKA “The Showdown on Main Street”) takes place on Saturday, March 2nd.  If interested in attending, please contact event chairperson Casey Shettler (517-231-2192) and let him know for planning purposes.

· On Friday, April 12th. the Woodland Eagles will be having another one of their Fish Fries.  It will run from 5 to 8 PM.  The important thing about this one is that the proceeds generated will go to the benefit of the Sunfield Fire Department.  So, mark your calendars and make plans to attend the Woodland Eagles Fish Fry and support our local Fire Department!

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